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Who We Hire

To create some of the best personal financial advisers anywhere, we start with graduates who have displayed superior performance at some of the nation’s top business, accounting and economics programs. Since relationships with clients are personal and long-lasting, we look for employees who have the talent to excel in the biggest organizations, but who value the human as well as the financial dimensions of their work.

Once hired, we provide our staff with a structured program of self-study, internal training and outside classroom instruction to enable employees to build their professional skills. Each employee prepares a detailed annual Personal Development Plan identifying new skills and experiences to acquire during the coming year.

As employees gain professional skills and experience, they increasingly focus on providing advice directly to clients and on supervising less-experienced employees. Each member of our client service staff works in all areas of our practice, because we want every client to have a relationship with a well-rounded adviser who can identify issues before they become problems.

If you are interested in any of our open positions, please send your resume and cover letter to Melissa DiNapoli at melissa@palisadeshudson.com.