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When To Use An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

papers, a model wooden house, and a set of keys.

With home prices soaring in 2021 and interest rates climbing in 2022, many prospective homebuyers are considering alternatives to the traditional fixed-rate mortgage. Although adjustable-rate mortgages are a popular option with real upsides, borrowers should also be aware of potentially significant risks.
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An ESG Investing Hazard For Fiduciaries

As ESG investing evolves, more people may want their trusts or employer-provided retirement plans to reflect their values. Trustees and managers subject to fiduciary duty should take special care to document their decisions if they incorporate ESG considerations into their investment strategies.
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Managing Remote Workers Is Nothing New

If you intend to make remote work part of your business going forward, as a manager, you should keep several best practices in mind. You should stay mindful of operational and strategic considerations, too.
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