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Uses And Abuses Of Conservation Easements

natural landscape of forested mountains.

Conservation easements are a powerful planning tool for safeguarding land indefinitely while simultaneously providing tax deductions in the short term. Understanding how they work, and the ways some bad actors abuse them, is key to understanding whether they are right for you.
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It’s Probably Time to Revisit Your Mix of Investments

three people sitting at a table with laptop and papers.

Investors are inclined to make changes more often than they should, but leaning too much toward a “set it and forget it” approach also carries risk. The Goldilocks solution is to establish a low bar for reevaluating your investment plan, but a high bar for actually changing it.
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Putting AI To Work, Intelligently

Business owners and executives may feel pressure to incorporate artificial intelligence into their workflows. But given how quickly ChatGPT and its competitors arrived on the scene, not everyone has an innate sense of the best way to use these tools.
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A Podcast Hosting Primer

woman speaking into a microphone with pop filter.

Getting started as a podcast host involves much more than just plugging in a microphone. Host Amy Laburda reflects after the first season of “Something Personal.”
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Is My Bentley Deductible?

yachts docked, viewed from above.

The concept of enjoying luxury cars, yachts or aircraft while also using them in your tax planning can be alluring. However, it’s critical to approach these opportunities with caution and compliance.
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