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Risk And Reward For Ballplayers

The decision to settle for a smaller payday in order to secure peace of mind is one every professional baseball player will have to make for himself. But there is no need for players to make that decision entirely in the dark when it comes to the potential financial consequences.
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If You’re Starting Out, Start With Budgeting

If you search the internet for advice on effective personal financial management, you are confronted with an extensive list of topics that require your attention. Young professionals can often shrink that list down to one.
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Using Structured Settlements

Structured settlements are a mechanism designed to make sure someone who is injured receives compensation in a way that will best assure their long-term quality of life. While they are complex to set up, once they are underway, they can ideally ensure that plaintiffs have the income they need to recover or adjust to their new way of life.
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College Savings Plans For New Parents

It is sometimes hard for parents of newborns to imagine their babies as teenagers heading off to college. But to be best prepared, parents should plan for that day proactively, even before their baby arrives.
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Harmonious Prenuptial Agreements

June is still the month traditionally associated with weddings, even if October has surpassed it to become the most popular month to tie the knot. As they prepare for their big day, the last thing most couples want to dwell on is the possibility that their marriage may not last. But proposing a prenup should not demonstrate lack of faith in a union, any more than buying homeowners insurance reflects a belief that your new house will one day burn down.
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Protecting Child Performers’ Earnings

Making it big at an early age is a dream that comes true for a small number of performers and their parents. Careful planning can boost the chances that these child stars will be among the even smaller group who remain successful into adulthood.
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