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Looking Ahead: Life, Family, Wealth and Business After 55

Written By The Financial Advisers Of Palisades Hudson Financial Group LLC
Edited By Amy Laburda

Looking Ahead Book Third Edition cover.Life's bottom line is about more than the bottom line.

Third edition fully updated for 2023, including retirement and tax law changes

As we move through middle age and beyond, smart financial management begins with clear choices. Do we want to retire early or work as long as possible? Stay where we are or move to a new state, or perhaps abroad? Make our children financially independent or leave substantial legacies? Transition an existing business to new management, or maybe launch a new venture? What are our charitable intentions, and how do we best carry them out? Everyone will answer these questions differently. But whatever our priorities, hardly any of us ranks dying with the largest possible net worth first among them.

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  • Relationships with Adult Children
  • Planning for Incapacity
  • The Family Business
  • Estate Planning
  • Gift and Estate Taxes
  • Grandchildren
  • Education Funding
  • Life Insurance
  • Financing Long-Term Care

  • Social Security and Medicare
  • Retirement Plans
  • Federal and State Income Tax
  • Investment Approaches, Philosophy and Psychology
  • Retiring Abroad
  • Philanthropy
  • Starting a New Business Venture

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