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Jeffrey J. Howard

Administrative Manager
Information Technology

Jeffrey Howard has served as the firm’s administrative manager for infrastructure and technology since 2012. In his time with Palisades Hudson, Jeffrey has been deeply involved with a variety of major information technology projects. While the firm’s main computing center was based in the Northeast office, Jeffrey assembled a full-scale backup server complex in Georgia; he later oversaw the transition as the Atlanta office became the firm’s computing hub. He has supervised two separate redesigns of the firm’s website, as well as the transition to an internet-based telephone system that unifies all the firm’s offices on a single set of virtual extensions that can be answered from any location.

Currently based in the firm’s Fort Lauderdale, Florida, headquarters, Jeffrey first joined the Palisades Hudson staff in Scarsdale, New York in 2004 as a part-time office assistant. He became a full-time administrative associate in 2007 and a manager in 2012. From 2011 to 2013, Jeffrey was based in the firm’s office in Atlanta.

A Bronx native, Jeffrey holds a degree from Mercy College in business administration, with a focus in marketing.


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