The High Cost Of Being Right

April 1, 2003

Fighting probably will have commenced in Iraq by the time you read this. It might even be over, and the regime of Saddam Hussein may have ended. But as I write this on the first weekend in March, there is a sense of history poised to happen, of world-changing events about to unfold. I suspect the summer of 1939 felt like this. I believe war in Iraq has been both […]

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The Long-Delayed End Of The Gulf War

April 1, 2003

The imminent fighting in Iraq is not, in my view, a second Gulf War. It is the inevitable conclusion of the first one. The Bush administration’s inability to make this clear is one of its biggest failures. The administration’s real aim, which it has admitted only intermittently, is to get rid of Saddam and his government. This is perfectly legitimate, because this same regime forced America and its allies to […]

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Hard Assets For Soft Economic Times

April 1, 2003

After another tumultuous year for investors, the benefits of diversification and asset allocation have never been clearer. Last year was brutal for most investors. The U.S. equity markets fell for the third straight year, which has only happened twice since 1926, the last time in 1939-1941. There is still a great deal of uncertainty about when the market will recover. However, history has shown that by creating a diversified portfolio […]

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Organizing A Small Business Is A Big Job

April 1, 2003

So you’ve prepared a business plan, given your boss two weeks’ notice and you’re about to venture into the world of the self-employed. What should you do first? Besides figuring out how you are going to market and deliver your product or service to your target consumer, you also need to consider the tax and legal aspects of running a business. This includes determining the appropriate structure for your business […]

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Firm Boasts Three New CFPs

April 1, 2003

Palisades Hudson Financial Group went three for three in the recent Certified Financial Planner examinations, as our managers Jonathan Bergman, Gerard O’Donoghue and Shomari Hearn all earned that credential. The CFP examination is a two-day test that covers a broad range of topics, including income taxes, estate planning, investments, insurance, retirement plans and the financial planning process. It is administered by the non-government, Denver-based Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, […]

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