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A New Tax Break Was Hardly ‘Simplification’

The dust is clearing after the first spring tax season under the most recent federal tax overhaul. Taxpayers and tax professionals alike have now had a chance to see how new rules played out in reality – especially those governing the qualified business income deduction.
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A Standoff, But Not A Standstill

The incoming 116th Congress will probably feature a legislative standoff between House Democrats and Senate Republicans, but that does not mean it will be quiet – or that nothing important will come out of the Capitol for the next two years.
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When Spouses Live In Different States

Popular wisdom holds that our world is shrinking. But for married couples who live apart much or all of the time, long distances still present unique challenges and pitfalls. Many of these are emotional, but there are a few financial hazards too. Luckily couples can largely mitigate the financial problems, at least, with some careful planning and foresight.
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Winding Up A Business

Letting go can be hard to do, whether you’re a parent watching a child head off to college or an entrepreneur planning to wind up a business. But preparation can make a hard process a little bit easier.
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