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When Spouses Live In Different States

Popular wisdom holds that our world is shrinking. But for married couples who live apart much or all of the time, long distances still present unique challenges and pitfalls. Many of these are emotional, but there are a few financial hazards too. Luckily couples can largely mitigate the financial problems, at least, with some careful planning and foresight.
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Using Structured Settlements

Structured settlements are a mechanism designed to make sure someone who is injured receives compensation in a way that will best assure their long-term quality of life. While they are complex to set up, once they are underway, they can ideally ensure that plaintiffs have the income they need to recover or adjust to their new way of life.
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The Emerging GOP Tax Plan

While no tax reform is ever final until the president signs it into law, it seems increasingly likely that congressional Republicans will enact some significant tax changes soon. For taxpayers, all this uncertainty can be unnerving. After all, good tax planning happens with an eye to the future, and when a major shift in taxation is imminent, it can feel as if planning grinds to a halt. But taxpayers can consider the most likely of these changes now without succumbing to either panic or pressure.
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