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Is My Bentley Deductible?

yachts docked, viewed from above.

The concept of enjoying luxury cars, yachts or aircraft while also using them in your tax planning can be alluring. However, it’s critical to approach these opportunities with caution and compliance.
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The September Tax Data Dump

Smartphone and tax prep documents.

There are a variety of reasons a taxpayer could need an extension, but a common one is waiting on a form that an organization has not yet issued. Some of the most common forms that leave taxpayers waiting are Schedule K-1s, K-2s and K-3s.
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Gift-Giving Makes Good Tax Sense, Except When It Doesn’t

person holding a gift box with a decorative yellow ribbon.

Balancing the benefits of lifetime gifts and bequests that receive a step-up in basis is a complicated exercise. But taking the time to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches can help you make the most of the current regulations without neglecting long-term concerns.
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Securing Your IRA Goals After The SECURE Act

January 2020 may feel like a long time ago, but it marked a relatively recent update to the rules governing retirement accounts, especially individual retirement accounts. This means that even if you previously decided how to handle your traditional or Roth IRA upon your death, you may need to revisit your plan to ensure it still works the way you intend.
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