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Slavery Required Slave Owners

Slavery Required Slave Owners August 28, 2015

Trying to bury an unpleasant ancestral connection to slavery backfired for Ben Affleck, as it has for others.

The NLRB Benches Itself

The NLRB Benches Itself August 27, 2015

The NLRB says it wants to protect workers’ rights, but college athletes found it is more interested in protecting itself.

Channeling Ron Ziegler

Channeling Ron Ziegler August 26, 2015

Ron Ziegler became a punchline as Nixon’s press secretary, and Clinton staffer Jennifer Palmieri may face the same fate.

What’s Really Exciting About ‘Female Viagra’

What’s Really Exciting About ‘Female Viagra’ August 25, 2015

Addyi really stimulates excitement – at least if you’re in the business of selling the drug known “Viagra for women.”

Another Market Tantrum

Another Market Tantrum August 24, 2015

Is this month’s stock market convulsion just another tantrum, or something worse?

When Two Equals Two, Not One

When Two Equals Two, Not One August 21, 2015

Unmarried co-owners of a home can get twice the interest deduction available to married couples, at least in the Ninth Circuit.

Deciphering Google’s Alphabet Soup

Deciphering Google’s Alphabet Soup August 20, 2015

Does it makes sense to restructure Google into a holding company called Alphabet? The simple answer is Y-E-S.

Countering A Presumption Of Bigotry

Countering A Presumption Of Bigotry August 19, 2015

A conservative GOP lawmaker sees no contradiction in sponsoring gay rights legislation, despite media stereotypes.

China Does What Europe Couldn’t

China Does What Europe Couldn’t August 18, 2015

Devaluation could have helped some eurozone economies, and it will probably help China’s.

An All-American Google

An All-American Google August 17, 2015

Europe’s efforts to constrain Google search results could lead to an all-American information source.

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