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Reality Hits Home For Bernanke

Reality Hits Home For Bernanke October 17, 2014

Bernanke promised Dodd-Frank would level banking’s playing field. He was right: Now nobody wants to take any risk.

Nothing Sacred In Bankruptcy

Nothing Sacred In Bankruptcy October 16, 2014

Only a fiscal miracle can save some underfunded public pensions. Bankruptcy judges are not in the miracle business.

A Day Of Reckoning, One Year Hence

October 15, 2014

One year from today, nearly all Americans will know what their Obamacare coverage really cost. Many won’t be pleased.

The Best Middle School Self-Defense Book Ever

The Best Middle School Self-Defense Book Ever October 14, 2014

To save the world, you first must survive middle school.

Short-Term Turbulence Doesn’t Mean There’s A Long-Term Problem

October 13, 2014

The S&P 500 is down 5.2% from its all-time high last month. Should you be concerned?

Why Does Clapper Stick Around?

Why Does Clapper Stick Around? October 10, 2014

If James Clapper had any self-respect, he would have quit after Obama blamed him for Islamic State’s unhindered rise.

Locking Out The Law

Locking Out The Law October 9, 2014

Why should Apple provide government a way to crack smartphone passwords? Builders don’t keep keys to the houses they build.

The Emergency Room Switcheroo

The Emergency Room Switcheroo October 8, 2014

Your hospital may be in-network, but that does not mean you can see – or even find – an in-network doctor there.

Guess What Happened To The Occupy Movement?

Guess What Happened To The Occupy Movement? October 7, 2014

There is an irresistible irony in the seizure of an Occupy Wall Street Twitter account by one of the movement’s members.

Scotus Takes Up ‘Disparate Impact’ Again

October 6, 2014

Twice before, the Supreme Court lost an opportunity to review ‘disparate impact’ discrimination claims. Now it tries again.

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