Airbrushing Israel Off The Map

Airbrushing Israel Off The Map January 13, 2015

While we march for free expression in the face of violence, self-censorship under subtler pressure happens all the time.

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America’s Unique Respect For Truth

America’s Unique Respect For Truth May 19, 2014

“American exceptionalism” is not just bombast. It manifests in a unique reverence for truth and the freedom needed to find it.

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An Uncommon Restraint On Common-Sense Advice

July 31, 2013

If a columnist practices psychology by offering advice, then mothers practice medicine by feeding chicken soup to sick kids.

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Broadcast Standards Malfunction

February 7, 2012

Another Super Bowl brings another crude display by an attention-seeking performer. Once again, it’s time for the lawyers to take the field.

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Cross Singapore Off The Itinerary

March 31, 2010

This column is the reason I may never be able to visit Singapore. My firm cannot consider opening an office there, and I must refrain from dispatching staff to meet with Singapore-based clients should the opportunity arise. Even my travel-loving daughters ought to think twice before touring the Southeast Asian city-state, though I doubt they would actually have trouble there because of my actions. All this may be a mild […]

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