Disclaimers For Idiots And Bureaucrats

Disclaimers For Idiots And Bureaucrats February 4, 2014

What sort of idiots require the disclaimers found in today’s commercials, and what sort demand them?

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Broadcast Standards Malfunction

February 7, 2012

Another Super Bowl brings another crude display by an attention-seeking performer. Once again, it’s time for the lawyers to take the field.

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Just Smile And Nod, Guys

February 18, 2010

As many observers and bloggers have noted, this year’s Super Bowl commercials featured an unusual number of henpecked men. In an ad for Chrysler’s Dodge Charger, a male voiceover recites a long list of husbandly duties, including putting down the toilet seat and carrying his wife’s lip balm, while blank-faced men stare mutely at the camera. At the end, the speaker concludes that, after doing so many good deeds, he […]

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