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Reporting Requirements For Foreign Assets

The term “offshore accounts” is often used as shorthand to suggest that such account holders are trying to dodge tax responsibilities. Especially after the Panama Papers, many observers are quick to assume the worst when someone holds assets outside of the United States. In reality, many, if not most, taxpayers who hold foreign assets do so in good faith for a variety of legitimate reasons. However, depending on the type of property in question and the taxpayer’s overall situation, keeping the Internal Revenue Service adequately informed can prove challenging.
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Maritime Taxes: Saving Money On The Water

The siren call of boat ownership is easy to understand, here in South Florida. On a hot summer day, or even a crisp winter afternoon, getting out on the water for some sailing, fishing, snorkeling or water skiing can seem like the perfect reason to take the plunge. If you are ready to invest in a boat of your own, whether a modest fishing boat or a high-end yacht, it is worthwhile to pause and consider the tax implications.
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More Tax Tips For Self-Published Authors

Most self-published authors are probably more comfortable writing books than publishing them. These days, many services and resources are available to help an aspiring self-publisher. In Part One of this series, I discussed the tax considerations relevant to authors who intend to self-publish. As publication approaches, however, these considerations will inevitably begin to shift.
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Tax Tips For The Self-Published Author

Whether or not you believe the old chestnut that everyone has a book in them, it is undoubtedly true that those who do have many more options these days for getting that book into the world. If you venture into self-publishing, you will confront all sorts of complexity, not the least of which are the many tax issues to consider.
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Moving From A High-Tax State

As people approach retirement, some succumb to the temptation to move south in pursuit of warmer weather, a lower cost of living and lower taxes. Others, like me, make this choice much earlier in life. Regardless of when you consider moving to a lower-tax state, be sure to examine your priorities and the implications of the move.
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