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Fostering A Taste For Business

Rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross has long been vocal about entrepreneurship and the importance of generational wealth. He recently demonstrated that commitment with an unusual — and tasty — birthday gift.
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GRAT Planning Strategies

A grantor retained annuity trust, commonly called a GRAT, allows a grantor to pass assets to a beneficiary while minimizing his or her federal gift and estate tax burden. While GRATs do offer some undeniable advantages, like any estate planning technique, they are not right for everyone.
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Deathbed Financial Planning Tips

A terminal diagnosis for you or a loved one can make it seem as though your world is falling apart. While there may be nothing you can do about the illness, you may find solace in addressing issues that you can control.
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Planning For Portability

In a world of smartphones and tablets, portability is something we take for granted in our gadgets. But thanks to some recent legislative changes, it is now something that estate planners can take for granted too.
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