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Online Sentinel Offers Expanded Coverage

Sentinel is beginning its transition to an online publication this fall. Readers now will be able to find new articles every month at www.palisadeshudson.com.

The newsletter, whose quarterly print circulation has reached 10,000 after 16 years of publication, joins the daily “Current Commentary” blog on our Web site. The site also provides occasional video commentaries as we develop new ways to share news and ideas with our audience.

We plan to continue publishing a print Sentinel four times a year, at least for the next few years. But articles will appear online either before or concurrent with the print edition, and the online newsletter will likely carry more and longer articles than the space-constrained paper version.

As financial advisers, we believe we owe our clients our best thoughts on any relevant topic. A huge range of topics is relevant, because financial planning (and business in general) touches on nearly every aspect of life. Thus, in our Current Commentary columns, we have addressed obvious subjects such as health care reform, tax laws and the auto industry bailout, as well as more far-flung matters like legalizing marijuana, the melting of Arctic sea ice and the Iranian election.

All these issues have something to do with how our families and our businesses interact with the world, and these are among the things we consider as we formulate the views we share with our clients.

You can sign up at our site to have news and commentary automatically delivered by email, or you can have Twitter alert you whenever new material is posted. We also invite you to post replies to our commentary (all postings are moderated) or to respond to Sentinel articles by email to sentinel@palisadeshudson.com or (for traditionalists) with paper, envelopes and postage stamps.