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Managing Remote Workers Is Nothing New

If you intend to make remote work part of your business going forward, as a manager, you should keep several best practices in mind. You should stay mindful of operational and strategic considerations, too.
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Sentinel, Looking Back And Looking Forward

A lot has changed since I published the first issue of this newsletter, but a surprising amount has not. Both are reflected in the first paragraph of that May 1993 edition, from an article titled “For The Best Gifts, Keep On Giving.”
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Twenty-Five Years Of Trust

There was a moment over 20 years ago when the future success of my then-very-young and then-very-small business may have rested on a decision I was about to make, and I didn’t even realize it.
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Introducing The PHFG Management Board

Fujiwara Mahito understood that for every family-controlled business, there comes a time when the founder must hand the keys to the next generation. That’s why Mahito’s inn, the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan, is still operating today, more than 1,300 years after he established it.
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New Arrivals And Assignments

The Palisades Hudson team got bigger, broader and deeper in 2017 as veteran staffers moved into new management roles and took charge of more territory while newcomers expanded our ranks.
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A Not-So-Small Business Keeps Growing

Fifteen years ago, I moved my business into a new headquarters, reorganized the company and wrote in our newsletter about my succession plans to keep Palisades Hudson going at some future time when I would no longer be present to run it.
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The Lure Of The Lone Star State

Ben Sullivan looked like a young man with a bright professional future when I recruited him nine years ago to join our staff in Scarsdale, New York. To get him to come aboard, I had to promise not to keep him there.
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