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Fostering A Taste For Business

Rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross has long been vocal about entrepreneurship and the importance of generational wealth. He recently demonstrated that commitment with an unusual — and tasty — birthday gift.
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Taxing Creativity Across State Lines

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Digital collaboration and the rise of larger local music scenes give musical professionals options to move away from hubs like LA and NYC. But artists who receive royalty income may need to consider state income taxes as they relocate.
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Risk And Reward For Ballplayers

The decision to settle for a smaller payday in order to secure peace of mind is one every professional baseball player will have to make for himself. But there is no need for players to make that decision entirely in the dark when it comes to the potential financial consequences.
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Protecting Child Performers’ Earnings

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Making it big at an early age is a dream that comes true for a small number of performers and their parents. Careful planning can boost the chances that these child stars will be among the even smaller group who remain successful into adulthood.
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