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Shopping For A First Credit Card

Long before we are old enough to carry credit cards ourselves, advertisers make sure we know about the power of plastic: “It’s everywhere you want to be.” “It pays to Discover.” “What’s in your wallet?” While using an ad campaign to choose a card is a terrible idea, the slogans have one thing right: A credit card can be a powerful thing.
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More Tax Tips For Self-Published Authors

Most self-published authors are probably more comfortable writing books than publishing them. These days, many services and resources are available to help an aspiring self-publisher. In Part One of this series, I discussed the tax considerations relevant to authors who intend to self-publish. As publication approaches, however, these considerations will inevitably begin to shift.
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Duly Noted

A Partnership Is In The Eye Of The Beholder. If the beholder happens to be the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and the partnership is a limited liability partnership (LLP) or limited liability limited partnership (LLLP) from Delaware or Florida, the partnership is actually a corporation for Canadian tax purposes.
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Tax Tips For The Self-Published Author

Whether or not you believe the old chestnut that everyone has a book in them, it is undoubtedly true that those who do have many more options these days for getting that book into the world. If you venture into self-publishing, you will confront all sorts of complexity, not the least of which are the many tax issues to consider.
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