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Taxing Creativity Across State Lines

headphones on keyboard.

Digital collaboration and the rise of larger local music scenes give musical professionals options to move away from hubs like LA and NYC. But artists who receive royalty income may need to consider state income taxes as they relocate.
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Value Judgments About Values Investing

A growing class of funds offer investors the opportunity to make investment choices that align with their values – but when it comes to nailing down the specifics of those values, things can get murky.
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How To Manage Equity Compensation

Receiving a job offer or new compensation package is exciting. But if that offer includes equity compensation, it’s important to take time to know what you are getting.
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Take Control Of Debt Repayment

Debt is not a problem to solve overnight, but in most cases, it is solvable. Take a clear-eyed look at your past decisions and your future options, make a plan and get started. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can celebrate conquering your debt.
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The Dollar Holds Its Place

The U.S. dollar has begun to recover. But worries that the greenback might be in immediate danger of losing its primacy in the world economy were overblown even before this comeback.
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