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Off The Grid: Preparing For Power Loss

Once a major storm has passed through, people who emerged from it without injuries or major property damage are apt to feel relief. But that relief can quickly turn to frustration the longer the power remains off. If you live someplace where frequent storms or other natural disasters threaten to interrupt your access to power, the best time to plan is long before a storm arrives.
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Harmonious Prenuptial Agreements

June is still the month traditionally associated with weddings, even if October has surpassed it to become the most popular month to tie the knot. As they prepare for their big day, the last thing most couples want to dwell on is the possibility that their marriage may not last. But proposing a prenup should not demonstrate lack of faith in a union, any more than buying homeowners insurance reflects a belief that your new house will one day burn down.
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Duly Noted

New Hampshire Still Has (Almost) No Income Tax. A measure to repeal the Granite State’s 5 percent tax on residents’ interest and dividend income stalled in the state Senate when Republican John Reagan of Deerfield agreed to set the bill aside after previously voting with his party against killing it outright.
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