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Five Questions With: Alyssa Drowne

Five Questions With: Alyssa Drowne, Administrative Associate

Alyssa joined the Palisades Hudson staff in 2021 as an administrative associate. Her work includes supporting varied marketing projects, providing phone support, handling incoming and outgoing mail, and performing general administrative duties. Though she is based in our Stamford, Connecticut office, Alyssa assists staff across Palisades Hudson’s offices nationwide.

1. What’s one place in your city you'd suggest to an out-of-town visitor?

Alyssa Drowne with her family.
photo courtesy Alyssa Drowne

In the warmer months, I would suggest visiting Harbor Point in Stamford. There is a large boardwalk along the marina for walking or running, or just for taking in the view, with plenty of Adirondack chairs and picnic tables. If you like water activities, you can rent kayaks or paddle boards. For anyone visiting with kids, there is a big sandbox on the boardwalk (complete with sand toys) and a couple of playgrounds worth checking out. There are also tons of restaurants with outdoor dining and rooftop bars, as well as a pedal cruise. There is something for everyone to do!

2. If you’re a sports fan, what team(s) have your loyalty?

The New England Patriots! My dad’s team is the Patriots — he often refers to them as “we” — so we grew up loyal Patriots fans. I don’t think he has ever missed a game for as long as I can remember. You can find him (and us!) most Sundays during football season watching the game in my parents’ Patriots-themed basement, where there is even a Patriots-themed Christmas tree during the holidays.

3. Did you pick up any hobbies during the pandemic lockdown?

There was no time for hobbies during the lockdown for me and my husband: We had our daughter, Laney, in the midst of the lockdown. Navigating being first-time parents in the middle of a lockdown kept us busy!

4. What non-famous app on your phone do you love?

Alyssa Drowne and family at the Nashville Zoo.
photo courtesy Alyssa Drowne

I recently downloaded Flightradar24, which was new to me, but there is a good chance other people know about it and I am the last to catch on. My daughter is always excited to see planes go by, and the app provides you with live air traffic so you can see where the planes around you are coming from and where they are going. You can actually see air traffic worldwide, which is pretty cool. Anytime we hear a plane, Laney tells me to take out my app so we can see where the plane is going.

5. What’s something you are looking forward to in the next 12 months?

We take an annual trip with my parents to Nashville, Tennessee to visit my sister and brother-in-law in the winter. Being from up North, we find Nashville’s “cold” to be warm. This makes visiting in the winter months nice, since the city is not as crowded as it is during the warmer months. This past winter, we visited the Nashville Zoo and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!

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